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Cheerway Care History
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Cheerway Care's History

Cheerway Care initially started as Cheerway, LLC in 2000. It was formed as a result of the pressing need for quality care which Nellie, the founder, observed as a Geriatric Nurse and as a Visiting Nurse. Inspired by her brother, Richard, whose parting advice was to start a company that would genuinely help people, she founded Cheerway Care with the assistance of family and friends. Today, Cheerway Care continues to grow as a family-owned and operated business. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with care, compassion and dignity and we strive to live this out, not only in our family lives, but also in our commitment to Cheerway Care.

A Note from the Founder

“In my 41 years of nursing of which 30 years were spent in geriatric care, I observed that caring with compassion and serving with a cheerful disposition is truly appreciated by the elderly. Family and friends of clients I have helped over the years often asked me if I could assist them to find help. Since I am surrounded by a large family and many friends in the nursing profession, I decided to start this company to continue to share with everyone that a cheerful outlook on life is possible. As the company grows, we are committed to ensuring the dignity of life for all the clients we serve. I want to share my favorite passage with you by DeGrellet:

I expect to pass this way but once;

Any good therefore that I can do or

any kindness that I can show

to any fellow creature, Let me do it now,

Let me not defer or neglect it

for I shall not pass this way again

Nellie Pitog, BSN, RN

Founder & President


932 Hungerford Dr, Suite 40-B

Rockville MD 20850

E-mail: info@cheerway.com

Tel: (301) 294-7555 or (888) 232-4337

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